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From budget and operational constraints to political divides and increasingly complex policy challenges — public sector leaders grapple daily with a multitude of concerns coming from different directions. At the center of it all is local government’s core function of helping communities navigate change and coexist effectively. By re-focusing on that purpose, localities are taking steps to develop adaptive capacity inside their organizations and in their communities.
We’re excited to announce that we’ve co-produced a playbook with Euna Solutions that offers new insights, practical steps, and real-world case examples that governments can implement to navigate contemporary challenges.
“I’ve long been concerned about the increasing demands on local governments and the growing constraints on their capacity to meet those demands. I’ve also been concerned about the frequent disconnect between strategic plans and budget realities,” notes Mark Funkhouser, President of F&A. “This playbook offers a guide for local government practitioners to begin to tackle both those concerns.”
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