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The Financial Data Transparency Act (FDTA) marks a shift towards enhanced transparency in local government financial reporting, with the SEC guiding the transition to machine-readable and structured data formats by 2027. This change promises improved analysis and accountability and given the extensive groundwork involved, it’s crucial that local officials start preparing now.
That’s where “Owning Your Fiscal Future: How Local Governments Can Prepare for the Financial Data Transparency Act” comes in. The pivotal year ahead will shape the specifics of this transition, determining the technologies, data tagging requirements, and implementation strategies. This guide, developed in partnership with DebtBook, will help you embrace the shift with confidence and capitalize on the opportunities for enhanced transparency and accountability during the FDTA’s initial stages.
What’s inside the Playbook?
  • Detailed analysis of the FDTA and its implications for local governments
  • Timeline of important dates regarding the FDTA
  • Strategies for leveraging technology in anticipation of the data standards
  • Case studies showcasing how states are already laying the groundwork for compliance
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