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Funkhouser & Associates is a boutique consulting firm founded on the idea that we can build better government by building trusted relationships and sharing ideas and solutions to empower the work of public servants.

Policy is aspirational

We work across sectors to help connect the dots between policy and process, between population data and improved community outcomes, between technology and more human-centered government.


Kirsten Wyatt
co-founder & former executive director, ENGAGING LOCAL GOVERNMENT LEADERS
“Mark Funkhouser is dedicated to public service. Whether he’s presenting to a packed conference of local government leaders, or writing a column about public sector innovations, Mark is focused and thoughtful about the impact he’s making in the world. I’ve watched him equally give his time and energy to building up young people who are early in their public service careers, as he gives to seasoned managers and mayors. His lack of ego and his focus on excellence, are what make Mark a great leader and friend.”
Ben Hecht
“Mark Funkhouser has been a great and important partner for Living Cities. His understanding of how cities work, willingness to address tough issues head on and to use his own social and political capital for good, sets him apart from so many others in this space.”
Marianne Steger
WILLIS TOWERS WATSON, Director of Public Sector and Labor Strategy, retired health care director of OHIO PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM
“I have been looking to Mark Funkhouser in my search for best practices and innovation in government for years. If you want to know who the movers and shakers are in a particular city or state, Mark is the person to talk to. Curious about how a state is handling its OPEB liability, Mark can point you the right direction. Mark is an intellectual giant in this field of understanding the complexities of government.”
Richard Coupland
REPUBLIC SERVICES, Vice President, Municipal Sales
“I have had the privilege of working with Mark and would highly recommend him for important projects. With a background straddling elected office and his respected years at Governing, he has the unique ability to bring together thought leaders from public office to discuss, consider and share ideas on critical topics.”
Richard Wilson
“Mark Funkhouser has long been one of the most knowledgeable and insightful figures in government and journalism”
Michael A. Nutter
Former Mayor of Philadelphia

“The devil is in the details when it comes to ARPA and IIJA funding and using it impactfully. F&A is working with local government and private sector partners to help them identify ways to access funds and target them to the biggest challenges and priorities in their communities.”

Paul Grimes
Paul Grimes
City Manager of McKinney, Texas

“The roundtable offered practitioners in local government a well-organized and efficient exchange of ideas and a chance to compare notes on topics like sustainable development, labor shortages, and tackling the affordable housing shortage. Funkhouser’s insights into local government from his own experiences added a ‘no judgment’ zone for those of us wrestling with the political and practical constraints of service delivery in local government.” 

George Hawkins
CEO, Moonshot Missions; former General Manager, DC Water

“I jump at the chance to join Mayor Mark Funkhouser on any program focused on local communities. His long experience in local government means his observations and questions are full of practical and first-hand insights. Backed by a team that has been studying the best of local government for years, Mark is skilled at tapping the right speakers for any topic and building discussions that highlight best in class ideas. Their programs are fun, engaging for participants, and I leave as a better public servant as a result.”

Sharon McBride
Sharon McBride
South Bend City Council President

“The [comprehensive plan engagement process] was like none other—it opened our eyes. And I can’t thank Funkhouser & Associates enough. They were very deliberate and patient. No matter how many meetings we scheduled, they came. And they provided us the facts and that blunt point of view that we really needed.”

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