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Mark on behalf of Funkhouser & Associates hosted a discussion on antifragility and remote work as part of Govapalooza’s four-day festival highlighting innovation in government.

The event talks about how the pandemic forced local governments to make an abrupt shift to remote work and virtual meetings. Governments found that they and their workforces were more agile and adaptive than they knew. Now it seems clear that one aspect of that shift has been the potential to build far more antifragility into their systems allowing them to be more equitable and inclusive and to improve from the input of the environment in which they work.

Panelists: Berke Attila, HR director, Montgomery County, Maryland; Lori Sassoon, ACM for administrative services, Rancho Cucamonga, California; Liz Farmer, Rockefeller Institute of Government Future of Work Research Fellow and consultant at Funkhouser & Associates.

Event held at Govapalooza 2021

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