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Funkhouser & Associates

Funkhouser & Associates is a team of seasoned practitioners, storytellers and conveners. Armed with decades of 360-degree experience in the inner workings of how policy is built, funded and enacted, we bring insights, capacity and collective impact to the work of local government.

We build better government by cultivating trusted relationships, leveraging cross-sector expertise and advancing public sector innovation. We are guided by the principles of trust, dignity, and prudent stewardship of public resources and local governments’ role in promoting those values. Our work supports leadership, innovation and collaboration to nurture democracy at the ground level. We believe trust is the bond that allows people to come together in communities and govern themselves effectively. We believe in the fundamental worth of all people. Every person should be treated with dignity and have a voice in their community. We believe being smart with the money, managing financial resources well, is key to the performance of every other government function.