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5 TiPS to Win
Government Contracts

Funkhouser & Associates is armed with the insight and connections to bridge the gap between your tech solution and the government

At Funkhouser & Associates we believe there’s power in public-private sector alliances to drive efficiency in state and local government and improve the lives of citizens

But we know how difficult it can be to gain traction in government contracts. 

That’s why we want to help match your solution to pressing public sector needs. Our team’s custom approach helps you identify sales opportunities while guiding you through the complex world of government finance so that you avoid common roadblocks along the way. We’re committed to cutting through the noise and empowering you to strike up meaningful connections with decision makers in state and local government — growing your business and strengthening communities along the way. 

Let’s work together to win your next government contract. You can kick start this process by considering our five relationship tips:

  1. Know their agenda: Figure out what the top policy priorities are in the jurisdiction you’re pitching to and be able to speak to how your product aligns with that.
  2. Know the outcomes: It’s not just about the tech — focus on the impact your solution has in improving quality of life.
  3. Know who to talk to: There are those who implement solutions, those who make policy and those who hold the purse strings. It’s not always the same person.
  4. Know where to start: It isn’t just about crafting the perfect elevator speech. An authentic approach is more likely to get genuine attention and interest from an official.
  5. Know your allies: Find your potential allies within government or influencers of that government who will help make your case and build trust.
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