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Why Stimulus Funds Mean Opportunity for Your Government Contracts

Funkhouser & Associates can help match your private sector solution to pressing government needs

The federal government’s latest COVID-19 stimulus bill, passed in March 2021, means significant windfalls are on their way to state and local governments. These much-needed budget infusions offer great opportunity for private sector companies with solutions to deliver both immediate and long-term impact to some of the government’s most pressing needs, including, among others:

  • Operational maintenance 
  • Local and regional infrastructure projects
  • Investments in technology and cybersecurity 

The business case is even stronger for companies who can offer governments the chance to buy into a one-time expenditure that can cut their costs over time, or help them identify opportunities for increased revenue. 

But we know how difficult it can be to identify these sales opportunities, navigate government budgets, and connect with key decision makers at precisely the right moment. 

That’s why Mark Funkhouser is using his decades of experience as mayor, appointed official, and policy expert to build alliances between solutions like yours and the public sector. Our team’s custom approach will guide you through this unique moment in government contracts, empowering you to grow your business while driving efficiency in state and local government and improving the lives of citizens. 

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